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Biden Fails To Mention God During ‘National Day Of Prayer’ Declaration

The American government already managed to push God out of schools and usher in the woke religions of “anti-racism” and secular humanism. Now, the Democrats are attempting to continue the trend.

The United States has replaced God with causes such as transgenderism and cultural Marxism, which are forms of religion which instead of creating hope and high moral values, they degrade humanity to the lowest levels.

Most recently, Biden left the word “God” out of the National Day of Prayer on Thursday during his proclamation.

Out of all the times he could have decided to keep God out of the public conversation, he decided that National Day of Prayer was a good day to do it. If he is such a good Catholic, as he has claimed for political points, then if not God, what is he praying to?

The president praised the country’s “remarkable religious vitality and diversity;” and then noted “the power of prayer to provide hope and uplift us from the work ahead.”

And so again, we must wonder, why is God being left out of the equation? His proclamation made no mention or reference whatsoever to God or any other deity.

This comes as a contrast to President Donald Trump, who many said was not a real Christian, but he certainly behaved more like a Christian than Biden. Last year, during the National Day of Prayer, President Trump mentioned God eight times.

President Barack Obama mentioned God twice in his last National Day of Prayer, and President Bush mentioned God 4 times in his last proclamation.

By far, President trump has mentioned God the most, even if many lukewarm Christians sneer at him and say that he isn’t a real Christian, and then turn around and vote for pro-abortion politicians. Now, we have a nominal Catholic, who won’t even acknowledge God.

Some religious leaders and Republican leaders didn’t miss the omission. Senator Ted Cruz, for example, tweeted “Our Government, which art in Washington, hallowed be thy taxes…” On Thursday night, religious leader Franklin Graham took a more serious stance to the President’s omission, and said on Fox News “Of course we need to call on God, and not just some generic ‘gods’ or some ‘power’ in the air, but on God himself … There is no one else to pray to except to God.”

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