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Biden Regime Begrudgingly Pauses Plan To Vaccinate Gitmo Terrorists After Huge Backlash


Plans to give priority access to the COVID vaccine to detainees being held at the facility at Guantanamo Bay have been walked back after the news triggered a firestorm of outrage.

When the news broke that the Biden administration would be moving terrorists to the front of the line over vulnerable Americans including veterans, the backlash was immediate with 9/11 heroes condemning the idea.

One who reacted strongly to Biden’s skewed priorities was Tom Von Essen who served as New York City’s fire commissioner on the day when America was attacked who blasted the move as “f**king nuts.”

The idea that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the operation that took down the iconic World Trade Center and killed over 3,000 innocent people was especially galling.

With the early days of the new regime already taking heavy flak over lunchbucket Joe’s executive order-driven job-killing spree and the failure to quickly deliver on campaign promises to immediately get the coronavirus under control, the preferential treatment to those who want to kill us was an unnecessary headache.

On Saturday, Pentagon spokesman went into damage control mode by tweeting that there have been no vaccinations given to terrorists and that the plan was being paused going forward.

Via The Hill, “Pentagon pauses plan to offer coronavirus vaccine to Guantánamo Bay prisoners”:

The Pentagon announced Saturday that it is pausing a plan to offer coronavirus vaccines to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay after facing a wave of pushback.

“No Guantanamo detainees have been vaccinated. We’re pausing the plan to move forward, as we review force protection protocols. We remain committed to our obligations to keep our troops safe,” tweeted Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

The reversal comes just days after the Defense Department said it would offer coronavirus vaccines to detainees at Guantánamo Bay, the notorious prison in Cuba, with the rollout possibly coming as soon as next week. The plan was to offer the 40 detainees at the base the first of two doses of the available vaccines “on a voluntary basis.”

It is unknown how many coronavirus cases have occurred on the military base, but the pandemic has presented an obstacle to holding military legal proceedings, including in the case against Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the man who is accused of being one of the masterminds behind the attacks on U.S. soil on Sept. 11, 2001.

The coddling of criminals has often been championed by Democrats with calls for prisoners to receive the vaccine before senior citizens, first responders, and military personnel so there was a method to Biden’s madness.

The reversal comes at the end of a week that saw the swearing-in of a black former Raytheon lobbyist as SECDEF that wasn’t really as diverse as it seemed and the rapid move to restore Obama era policies of dubious value like reversing the Trump ban on transgenders which pleases the Dems’ activist base but distracts from the primary mission of combat readiness.

If last week was an indication of Defense Department priorities under Biden, then it could be a long four years with a weakened America’s enemies already laughing at us.

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