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Bill Maher Finally Admits The Truth About “Russiagate”


Despite the fact that hard evidence along with multiple investigations and witness statements proved long ago that presidential candidate Donald Trump did not ‘collude’ with Mother Russia to ‘steal’ the 2016 election, many on the left, as well as members of the Democratic Party, refused to believe it.

At least publicly, they continued to claim that Trump was ‘Putin’s boy’ and that the two of them were engaged in some sort of kooky conspiracy to take over ‘Merica and run it like oligarchs in the Old Country.

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None of that BS was true, mind you. Not a syllable of it. In fact, Trump was tougher on Russia than previous administrations and certainly more so than his predecessor, Barack Obama, just by calling for and funding a massive rebuild and expansion of the U.S. military. Certainly, a stronger American military is not something that would be particularly advantageous to Moscow.

Nevertheless, the deluded continued to believe in the lie — dare we say ‘The Big Lie’ — and many still do to this day.

One of the original Russia truthers, however, is no longer on the bandwagon: HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher.

Fox News has more:

“Real Time” host Bill Maher offered a rare admission about the Russia collusion narrative that he himself promoted during the Trump presidency.

For years, like many other liberal news outlets and late-night comedians, Maher pushed the conspiracy that the Trump campaign was in bed with the Kremlin during the 2016 presidential race, even going as far as declaring then-President Trump a “traitor” for what Maher perceived was Trump’s favorable treatment of Russia following its election meddling.

However, during Friday night’s panel discussion, Maher touched on the subject of “Russiagate” while addressing the FBI raid of Trump ally Rudy Giuliani.

“Is it political payback, is this politics or is it because what Giuliani and Trump did was unprecedented? I’d say that,” Maher began.

Thomas Frank, a leftist author, said he didn’t think the Giuliani raid was “unprecedented,” then went on to explain that at the close of the Nixon administration, “a lot of those guys went to jail” (yeah, but they committed actual crimes).

“But did they involve themselves with other countries?” Maher asked. “I feel like, yes, we play dirty politics, but we always had one rule: no ringers, keep it in the family, do what you do, but don’t bring in the guy from Russia. … Look, a lot of this stuff we found out or we’re finding out was reported erroneously.”

“You mean Russiagate?” Frank asked.

“Yes,” Maher exclaimed.

Maher went on to proffer that Trump was “both an idiot and crazy” (and yet he won the highest elected office on the planet on the first try without any previous foray into politics), but that Trump’s rhetoric about Russia was not a thinly veiled attempt to hide some deeper, darker, sinister alliance.

“We, like, thought that it had to be more of a conspiracy. It may turn out that most of it really was just what he did in public,” Maher continued. “Because it’s so insane that he was, ‘Russia, if you’re listening… ,’ and when he admitted he fired [FBI Director James] Comey, when I look back, I’m like ‘Wow, we lived through this?’”

We did. But we might not make it through Biden’s and the Demorat-aligned deep state’s politicization of our federal law enforcement and ‘justice’ system unscathed.

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