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David Hogg Starting A Woke Pillow Company Is So 2021


Of all the stupid things the left is doing, David Hogg starting a pillow company is my absolute favorite right now.

David Hogg you may remember from being an outspoken gun control advocate after surviving the Parkland shooting, despite no knowledge of guns, gun control legislation, or advocacy for that matter. There were quite a few kids thrust into the political spotlight overnight, but once it became clear that they were being coached through a political agenda, a few left the limelight or changed tactics to condemn what their classmates were doing.

David Hogg was the herpes of the media darling Parkland group. He was the gift that just kept on giving. Just when you thought he’d taken advantage of his 15 minutes of fame, he would disappear into the social media shadows only to emerge again, turning a tragic event into a circus and trying to drum up outrage he could direct and use for activism.

The CEO and founder of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, has recently come under fire for his support of Trump and his belief in evidence of election fraud. Because the left abhors intolerance, they’ve decided that MyPillow should be cancelled, and stores like Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond have stopped carrying their products. Racist ass pillows.

Twitter user and computer programmer/entrepreneur/activist, William LeGate, suggested that he and Hogg partner together to start their own pillow company to put Mike Lindell and MyPillow out of business. Because every great business model starts with hate in your heart and the drive to compete in an unfamiliar industry. David Hogg said – brilliant, let’s do it!

Tolerance, by definition, actually IMPLIES disagreement. You’re not tolerant of people who have all the same thoughts and values as you, that’s ideological cultism. You’re tolerant if you are accepting of those who dare have their own thoughts and disagree with you.

But since faith in religion is stupid but faith in government is well placed…segregation is in again but for good instead of evil this time…diversity of thought is evidence of brainwashing while all thinking the same thing is a sign of enlightenment…you need a uterus to have an opinion on abortion, but not all women have uteruses because you can be a woman if you say you are…and the science on climate change is real though unsettled and ever changing but science cannot determine gender, though it has.

Intolerance is the new tolerance, and Hogg won’t let someone get away with having a business if they believe in silly things that he doesn’t like (you know, like the President, fair elections, free speech, or facts). And thus a pillow company was born.

It reminds me of the time my kids wanted to make a lemonade stand, because they saw one on television. They didn’t think about the fact that we lived in a cul-de-sac with three 90 year old neighbors who weren’t likely to venture out into the summer heat and had very little outside traffic. Add in the fact that I made them buy their own lemons and make the drink themselves, my son was allergic to grass so probably shouldn’t have set the table up in it, and my daughter was so young that she was busy chasing butterflies instead of keeping him company, and they absolutely hated it.

I was highly amused by the learning experience. I was also their only customer.

I’m sure Hogg and LeGate will be extremely successful (*snorting laughter here*). After all, they have no knowledge of the industry or its market, no drive to do well in it except for vengeance, and very few followers with money to spend. What could go wrong?

It’s going to be the wokest pillow company EVAH! You’re going to sleep on one of their pillows and wake up Trans. They’re working to make sure they use an American Union (haven’t found one yet, but by golly they’re gonna!), hire previously incarcerated individuals, and support progressive causes. So the pillows will be lumpy, expensive, stamped with hashtags, and possibly stuffed with drugs. Finders keepers! I can’t wait to read the mission statement.

FYI, MyPillow also sells sheets, blankets, towels, dog beds, kids bible story pillowcases, mattress pads and more.

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