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Detroit Now Paying $50 to Anyone Who Convinces Someone To Get A Vaccine

Starting on Monday, May 3rd, if a Detroit resident convinces another Detroit resident to get a vaccine or escorts them to a vaccination site, the city will award them with a $50 pre-paid gift card through the city’s expanded Good Neighbor Program.

Per the city’s website, there does not appear to be a limit on the amount of people that you can convince to schedule their first shot, but one does wonder how they check for authentic persuasion. Notwithstanding, if one person does manage to convince enough people to make $600 or more from the program, they’ll have to file a W-9 and keep their eyes peeled for tax documents.

“Nobody wants to listen to Dr. Fauci, or me, or Governor Whitmer tell them one more time to take the vaccine,” Mayor Mike Duggan said of the program. “But they will listen to their neighbors.”

So far, only 30.7% of Detroit residents have been vaccinated, a rate which is far behind the overall’s state vaccination rate by about 20%. Governor Whitmer unveiled her vaccination goals last week, which aims to reach the threshold of vaccination of at least 70% in order to lift the restrictions concerning employment.

In order to take part in this Good Neighbor Program, you must register in the program’s website and make an appointment for the first dose of your friend/neighbor/family member. Until you are able to schedule that first appointment, the city says you will not receive any money.

The friends and family that people are convincing must be Detroit residents, and although there is no limit to the amount of people you can convince and bring to an appointment, you are only 3 residents per car trip.

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