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Florida Town Is Now Trying To Kick Trump Out Of Mar-a-Lago


For those who believed that the left’s hatred would subside once former Donald J. Trump left office, it is now clear that the so-called resistance is only getting warmed up.

America’s 45th president hadn’t even completed his historic four years in office before he was kicked off of all major social media platforms, censored across the internet, had a major golf tournament pulled from his New Jersey club, and was dropped by multiple banks.

Now, the vengeful left is trying to kick him out of Mar-a-Lago too.

When Trump and former first lady Melania left the swamp in their rearview mirror, they took up residence at the magnificent South Florida resort that he purchased in 1985.

But by the looks of it, Trump’s political enemies are going to hound him for the remainder of his life. That includes the petty tyrants running the town of Palm Beach who are using law-fare tactics to oust him from Mar-a-Lago citing an agreement signed back in 1993.

The legal review was acknowledged by the town manager who in an email to CNN said that the town attorney “is reviewing the Declaration of Use Agreement and our Code of Ordinances to determine if former President Trump can live at Mar-a-Lago.”

Via The Associated Press, “Palm Beach considers options to 1993 agreement as Trump remains in residence at Mar-a-Lago”:

Former President Donald Trump has been living at his Mar-a-Lago club since leaving office more than a week ago — a possible violation of a 1993 agreement he made with the Town of Palm Beach that limits stays to seven consecutive days.

Town Manager Kirk Blouin said in an email Thursday that Palm Beach is examining its options and the matter might be discussed at the town council’s February meeting.

The South Florida town last month received a letter from an attorney representing a Mar-a-Lago neighbor demanding it enforce the agreement’s residency clause — something it rarely if ever did when Trump was president or before. The unnamed neighbor believes Trump’s residency would decrease property values, according to Reginald Stambaugh’s letter. Stambaugh did not return a call or email Thursday asking whether he has received a response.

The lifelong New Yorker Trump changed his legal residency to Florida in 2019.

The town’s action was prompted by an “unnamed neighbor” whose attorney claims that his client is being physically harmed by the waves generated by a microwave security barrier on the property.

Additional details according to an AP story published last month:

President Donald Trump’s expected move to his Mar-a-Lago club after he leaves office next month is being challenged by a lawyer who says a 1990s agreement allowing Trump to convert the Florida property into a business prohibits anyone from living there, including him.

Attorney Reginald Stambaugh sent a letter this week to the Town of Palm Beach saying he represents a neighbor who doesn’t want the president to take up residence at the 17-acre property because it would decrease the area’s property values. He also asserts that a microwave security barrier operated by the Secret Service is harming his client, who he says is exhibiting symptoms of microwave exposure. He did not give the client’s name.

Removing Trump from the White House was only the start and his enemies won’t rest until he is booted out of the United States entirely.

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