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MSNBC Analyst Proposes CDC Program To Give Out ‘Free Big Mac’ Coupons To The Vaccinated


The liberal media is doing all that it can to help Joe Biden reach his new goal to get 70 percent of America vaccinated by the Fourth Of July. Ideas are coming fast and furious over how to entice people to line up to get “the jab.”

Some states like New Jersey resorted to bribery by sponsoring free beer for those who comply. The idea is that the “vaccine hesitant” will respond to the dangling of such freebies in order to boost vaccination numbers and deliver a much-needed political win to Biden.

One proposal that would get the federal government involved with doling out free stuff comes from MSNBC political analyst Claire McCaskill. She suggested to CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky that the agency should consider holding a “prize drawing”, with one of the rewards being “a coupon for a free Big Mac” that could be redeemed at McDonald’s.

The former Democrat senator discussed her brainstorm with Walensky on Wednesday’s edition of “Morning Joe.”

According to McCaskill, “Doctor, you know, this is America, where everyone wants a Groupon, coupon or they want to compete for a prize,” she said, “Have you guys seriously considered working with not-for-profit or other health organizations to maybe provide some kind of prize drawing for people who come and get their vaccination at this point?”

She suggested; “maybe some cash, maybe a coupon for you know, uh, Mika, shut your ears… maybe a coupon for a free Big Mac? Have you guys thought about that?”

Despite Walensky giggling at the absurdity of such an idea, McCaskill plowed on: “Because it seems to me, sometimes the carrot in the United States Of America is more effective than the stick.”

The CDC boss replied, “Good morning Claire. Thank you for that. So he have now a cohort of over 5,000 community core organizations that are working with people.”

Walensky continued, “Not everybody will want a carrot, some people will want a different carrot than others, some might want a Big Mac, some might want a coupon to a pharmacy, so we are working with individual communities to understand what might speak best to those communities,”

She added, “we’re working with NASCAR, we’re working with you know uh, professional sports leagues to see maybe they want to meet sports figures, we’re doing everything that we can to reach as many people that we can, one person at a time.”

Biden based a large part of his White House campaign fomenting fear over COVID and claiming that he was better equipped to handle it than Trump. Now with the pressure on he has to deliver. Look for the public-private partnership, sports figures, and celebrities to relentlessly prod Americans into taking “the jab” so that he can declare victory.

There continues to be a lot of chatter about “carrots” and “sticks”. Many including McCaskill’s MSNBC colleague Micheal Smerconish are ready to break out the big whooping sticks. They are explicitly calling for companies to mandate the vaccinations and shame those who don’t get them. Luckily the Biden administration and its mouthpieces are refraining from such heavy-handed measures, at least for now.

However, there will be fewer carrots (like McCaskill’s nutty ideas) and more sticks if people continue to hold out getting “the jab”.

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