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Romney Scores 84% Approval Rating With Utah DEMOCRATS


Failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is finally getting the love that he believes that he deserves as a new poll shows that he’s crushing it with Utah Democrats.

Romney has been the leader of the establishment GOP anti-Trump lynch mob on Capitol Hill and came out early in favor of the unprecedented second impeachment of former President Trump.

The man who gagged away a winnable election to Barack Obama in 2012 is now viewed with overwhelming approval by Democrats in his home state.

According to a poll by the Salt Lake City-based Deseret News, Romney has double the support from Beehive State Dems than of Republicans, many of who view him with suspicion if not outright disgust.

Via The Washington Examiner, “Romney over twice as popular among Utah Democrats as he is among state’s Republicans: Poll”:

Known for his willingness to buck party leadership during the Trump era, Sen. Mitt Romney has a sizable popularity rating among Democratic voters in Utah, a statewide poll found.

Romney has 84% favorability among the state’s Democratic voters, more than double his approval among one-third of Republicans, according to a survey conducted by the Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics.

Democrats are drawn to Romney because he speaks “his truth,” a concept not particularly “in vogue” within the GOP, Utah Democratic Party Chairman Jeff Merchant said.

“I have to be really honest. I’m slightly flabbergasted by the number of Republicans who don’t approve of his performance,” he told the Deseret News. “He’s certainly a conservative member of the Republican Party with really a singular exception, which is his unwillingness to go along with all of the antics and, frankly, undemocratic tendencies of Donald Trump.”

Romney, often a foil to former President Donald Trump during the two years of overlap in which both served in the federal government, was one of five Republicans who voted to proceed with an impeachment trial against Trump on Tuesday.

Romney’s strange obsession with Trump led to efforts to sabotage his presidential run and swing the election to Hillary Clinton and ultimately drove the former governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts to relocate to Utah to fill the Senate seat of retiring conservative icon Orrin Hatch.

Once in Washington, Mitt frequently curried favor with the enemy.

Last year, he was the only Republican to vote to convict Trump in Nancy Pelosi’s first sham impeachment. He then marched with Black Lives Matter activists in front of the White House while becoming the media’s go-to guy when they were pushing the narrative of bipartisan resistance against the then-POTUS.

Now that the ill-conceived rushed sequel to impeachment was dealt a mortal blow when Senator Rand Paul forced a vote on the constitutionality of the process that smoked out the five Republicans including Romney who would vote to convict, Mitt’s focus will shift to the rigged censure resolution that is now being pushed to bar Trump from running again in 2024.

A national poll on Romney’s approval ratings with Democrats has not yet been conducted but would likely show a similar result.

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