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‘The View’ Corners Van Jones Over Past Support For Trump Polices, And Things Got Racial

The left’s purge of conservatives and supporters of former President Donald J. Trump from the public square is also claiming members of its own cult who have been deemed as insufficiently loyal to the cause.

Now that the resistance is triumphant with the installation of Joe Biden into the White House, loyal Democrats are being shamed over their support of some of Trump’s policies.

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One example is former Obama regime official and CNN commentator Van Jones, the man whose racist proclamation that the 2016 election was a “whitelash” against his former boss.

Jones was savaged when he ventured into the snakepit of ABC’s “The View” on Friday.

The appearance was supposed to be about the new documentary “The Reunited States” that he co-produced with the show’s co-host Meghan McCain, but it quickly went off the rails after he was called out for his work with the Trump administration on criminal justice reform. (God forbid!)

Jones was blindsided when Sunny Hostin claimed that the nation’s black community no longer trusts him.

Watch below:


“Now, Van, you do spend a lot of time, you know, threading the middle and trying to unite people,” the racist host began.

“But there are those who really accuse you of being a political opportunist, a chameleon, so to speak, who provided racial cover for former, disgraced, twice-impeached President Trump,” she added.

“You said this, and I quote, ‘Donald Trump, and I get beat up by liberals every time I say this, but I’m gonna keep saying it. He has done good stuff for the Black community. Opportunity zone stuff, Black college stuff. There’s a side to Donald Trump that I think he does not give enough credit for.’”

“People in the Black community don’t trust you anymore,” Hostin told Jones. “What is your response?”

The stunned Jones stammered: “I don’t think that that’s true.”

He then defended himself against Hostin’s scurrilous attack:

“My entire life has been about bringing people together to solve tough problems for people at the very bottom who don’t have everything,” Jones said. “I have spent 25 years fighting against the prison system, I have helped close five abusive prisons. And by working with Republicans at the local, state, and federal level, and yes, including the Trump administration, I have helped to pass 18 bipartisan bills …

“Black Lives Matter, math matters too, 80% of Black folks are locked up in states that are run in part or whole by Republicans — red states and purple states … the people sitting behind bars aren’t thinking, ‘Get me out of prison Van, but whatever you do, don’t talk to Republicans.’”

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Liberals have always had contempt for any black figure who rejects the idea that racial conformity and party loyalty take priority over the common good. The treatment of Jones is yet another perfect example of what happens when someone dares to venture outside the gates of the Democrat plantation.

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