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[VIDEO] Kamala and Joe Embarrass America During Japan Prime Minster Visit to WH –


This was hard to watch…

Today was a complete and utter embarrassment for the Biden administration.

Japan’s Prime Minister visited the White House and needless to say, it was awkward and embarrassing.

First off, Biden didn’t even greet Japan’s PM because he was supposedly “under the weather,” which then forced Kamala to greet him instead.

This was actually a very “insulting” move to the Japan PM, and the whole thing looked strange and uncomfortable. Kamala is not comfortable pretending to be an “elected” VP and it shows.

It was a complete and total unprofessional and embarrassing clown show at the WH today.

But as we all know, this is the handler’s chance to groom her. They have their work cut out for themselves.



As I mentioned before, supposedly Biden was “under the weather” so he napped through the greeting.


But things really got awkward when Biden finally joined up with the prime minister in the WH Rose Garden, where he made some very odd comments about the Japanese winner of the Master’s Tournament.

Joe told the PM of Japan that a “Japanese Boy” came to the US and won the Masters.

The man is 29-years-old. He’s not a “boy.”

Check it out:

And then there was this awkward photo of the two men, where many people thought the Japan PM wass looking over at Joe with very telling eyes.

Something is definitely amiss here…

It’s first and foremost bizarre that Biden didn’t greet the Prime Minister of Japan and then it’s even more ridiculous that he doesn’t even know how to properly address a world leader.

It’s actually a good thing that they’re getting Kamala some practice as the next unelected “president” because it looks like Joe doesn’t have much gas left in the tank.

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