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[VIDEO] People Caught off Guard When Joe Whispers Something Unintelligible in a Strange Voice –

Come again Joe? What on earth is going on with Joe Biden?

It seems like every day, no every hour, Biden’s so-called presidency is getting more and more bizarre. And during today’s presser, he did something that has a lot of people scratching their heads.

Biden literally was speaking in gibberish when he oddly starting whispering something completely unintelligible to the press.

What is this guy doing? Maybe whispering the name of who’s holding him hostage?

It sounds like he’s saying something like “Cosi got me,” which makes absolutely zero sense. Clearly, this poor man’s brains are made of mashed potatoes at this point.

Needless to say, people online were pretty disturbed by Biden’s increasingly odd behavior.

“Who got him? Is he whispering the nickname of his handler?”

“Cosi got him?? 🤔 did he mean to say, Pelosi got me 🤔”

“I heard ‘close the economy’”

“I listened to him live and still didn’t get what he said”

“Tough to judge without context but this reminds of when my grandfather started thinking I was his war buddy from WW2”

“I think he said cozy got me. He over slept.”

“He’s being held hostage…”

Well, looks like we’re at the point now in the “Biden Show” where he whispers gibberish like a ghoulish creep. That outta really scare our enemies, right?

Guess this is what happens when you take away his teleprompter.

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