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You Won’t Believe Who Obama Just Teamed Up With For a Podcast…

Oh good lord, this couldn’t get any worse…and no, it’s not Michelle…

Obama is that icky “Holiday fruitcake” that just won’t go away. It keeps popping up over and over and over again, even though it’s stale and nobody wants it.

And if that wasn’t bad enough – Obama is now dragging his incredibly annoying TDS friends along for the ride…and you won’t believe who he’s going to team up with to do a podcast…

It’s Mr. Drunk-Driving Unity himself – Bruce Springsteen.


From The Blaze

Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen have a new podcast.

On Monday, Spotify announced the launch of “Renegades: Born in the USA,” a podcast hosted by the former president and the critically acclaimed and wildly popular rock star. The duo will talk about political issues like race and the future of the country and personal things like fatherhood and marriage.

“President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen first met back in 2008. Though the two have very different backgrounds and careers, they formed a deep friendship,” Spotify said in a statement. “Starting today, listeners can eavesdrop on their personal, intimate conversations in a new podcast.”

“The longtime friends discuss their hometowns and role models, explore modern manhood, and confront the painfully divided state of the country today—and offer a vision of how we can all move forward together,” Spotify added.

The new podcast series features eight episodes and is the second podcast to launch through Spotify’s partnership with former President Obama and Michelle Obama’s production company Higher Ground. Spotify’s first podcast with Higher Ground, “The Michelle Obama Podcast,” launched in 2019 and became the top-ranked podcast on the audio streaming service. According to NBC News, Spotify has spent more than $500 million to acquire podcast companies and expand its non-music content with exclusive deals with celebrities and popular figures.

The guy who went on national TV in a Jeep commercial to tell us all to “unify” after bashing us and our America First President for five years, and who has a recent DUI, where he gave cops a hard time, is now going to pair up with the most divisive former president our nation has ever had.

Seems fitting, right?

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